Our Reports

Easy to read reports... but, just in case, we have a full report guide for you at On-Boarding.

A Benefit / Feature

Access data & Reduce risk.

Our reports include all the information that your business needs to validate a transaction.  When you verify the accuracy of personal information submitted by an individual, you have reduced risk and streamlined the deal making timeline.


Yes.  Due to DPPA and FCRA guidelines, we have to verify your business license and use case.  Due to personal information on these reports, only such entities that fit the guidelines for the DPPA and FCRA are able to obtain the reports.  

No.  Most reports are $48.50.  Considering how much of a headache they will save, that is a worthwhile due diligence investment.  We, also, offer volume discounts.

Not at this time.  Some states do not allow this information to be parsed with an API or other means to facilitate app development.  

Our reports offer actual Owner Name and Address information, along with Lein Holder Name and Address Information.  Also, our reports, sometimes, have more current information. 

Client Testimonials

“I have been in the wholesale car business for over 35 years. This is the easiest way to make sure a vehicle is clear to purchase. I have been burned so many times before waiting for a bank/lender to release a clear title. This takes the guess work and pain out of older vehicles and out of state titles. Because of lack of inventory people are buying new and used vehicles from other states. Look, it's an inexpensive way to hedge against any type of fraud, or even just to eliminate mistakes. Great tool to have.”
Robert S, Texas Wholesale Direct, Dallas, TX
“Over 20 years in the car business and I never realized how easily you can get burned by taking a trade with a title in hand, only to find out later that there is in fact a lien. Some states will allow borrowers to hold title while they are making payments. While the state they reside in can check lien status through local DMV sites, an out of state dealer would not be able to access that information. DMV Smart has given me the information I need so that I don't get burned! Great site. Easy to navigate. Quick results. ”
Adam S., Elite Motorsports,
Austin, TX
“I'm very impressed with DMVSmart's reporting. I heard about it from a good friend of mine in California, who had a customer from Oklahoma. The customer had presented a title. Turns out there was a lien of over $10k. Non-title holding states can be really tricky. I found that DMV Smart's detailed reporting, not only gives you current information, also gives you detailed info back to the date of purchase. I have recommended this platform to all my dealer friends that often take trade-ins from other parts of the country.”
Mark G., 1Click Auto Auction,
Austin, TX

Multi-State DMV Motor Vehicle Records at your fingertips

Now you can get that out of state deal done… You can verify the info on that trade in…or abandoned vehicle. 

Simplify.  Expedite.  Reduce Risk.